Visit of the Mayor of Barcelona

On Saturday 1st October, for the ninth consecutive year, Barcelonians were able to visit the PRBB facilities. On this occasion, the Mayor of the city, Ada Colau, joined in the traditional science festival to experience first-hand the research conducted in the park. As first vice president of the PRBB’s Governing Council, Colau visited two laboratories. In the first she observed fluorescent zebrafish and learned about embryonic development from Laura Taberner and Ivan Belzunce, from UPF laboratories led by Berta Alsina and Cristina Pujades, respectively. At the second stop along the route, the group was received by Samuel Miravet, who explained how researchers from the Luis Serrano laboratory at the CRG use computers to design bacteria with desired functions. Eva Yus then showed the mayor some bacteria down the microscope. Colau also had the opportunity to observe the family workshops that were held in the inner square of the building, where she greeted the participants.

The Mayor was accompanied by Gemma Tarafa, the City Health Commissioner, and other members of the Governing Council, as well as the directors and managers of the centres at the PRBB. At the end of the visit, Colau thanked all the researchers for their involvement in the leading research carried out at the park, and said she was very “proud”.




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