The IRAB joins the PRBB on floor -1

During 2016, the new Barcelona Institute of Applied Radiopharmacy, IRAB, has been established at the PRBB. This laboratory was recently set up as a radiopharmaceutical production and supply company for PET (Positron Emission Tomography) using the cyclotron facility already installed on the park’s lower ground floor.

The new centre consists of three laboratories dedicated to the production of radiotracers with high-tech equipment: a quality-control laboratory, a production lab, and the cyclotron area. The eight-person team has been setting up laboratories for the synthesis of PET radiopharmaceuticals. These radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging diagnostics are used for detecting and monitoring cancer and the evolution of neurological processes, but they are also employed in clinical trials for the development of new drugs.

The IRAB will have its own FDG production, a glucose analogue labelled with F-18. FDG is widely used in oncology to study cancer cells, which are characterised by their abnormally high consumption of glucose. “Our goal is to get the first marketing authorisation for the autumn of 2017”, says the director of IRAB, Mireia Alabart.




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