Scientific excellence of the centres of the park

In 2016, the scientists at the PRBB centres once again produced an excellent crop of high impact research articles. Of the more than 1,200 original articles in indexed journals, 11 were published in Nature, 4 in Science, 30 in other Nature group journals and 5 in Cell. This is very similar to the previous year and certainly outstanding in an international context.

Also outstanding is the scientific exchange with international researchers at the PRBB. Last year, 268 scientific conferences were held with 43 speakers from centres in Spain and 139 from abroad, from 25 different countries. The rest were internal conferences. The countries providing the most speakers were the USA (43), UK (16), France (10) and Germany (10).

Especially encouraging is the increasing trend in the percentage of female invited speakers. In 2016, 60 (33%) of the external speakers were women. Just 2 years ago this quota was not even 10%.


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