The PRBB is still growing, now beyond the building itself. Although the number of residents is similar to that of other years (1468), a further 443 are working in closely-related organisations.

The park has been nearly at capacity since its beginnings, which is why some  institutions have provided themselves with new spaces (IBE-CSIC), and others have not been able to relocate or deploy fully within the building (CNAG, FPM). Some centres have evolved into larger structures (CREAL into ISGlobal), and two companies have established themselves in the building (Acellera, IRAB). So including the building residents themselves and the people who are linked to it, the PRBB family is now almost 2000 strong.

The demographics of the residents have not changed much in recent years: the PRBB is still young (46% of staff is aged under 36 and 33% between 36 and 45) and female, with 57% being women, a percentage which drops among senior researchers to 36%. The number of foreigners has stayed fairly constant: 356 people, making up 24% of the total or 31% of researchers, from 51 countries like Italy (80) Germany (42), France (36) and India (18).

PDF: Demography of the residents of the PRBB (in Catalan)


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