Granting of ERDF funds

The PRBB Consortium adjudged a public tender for the construction works and remodelling of the research areas at the PRBB building for the new “outstation” of EMBL and the expansion of the department CEXS-UPF. This “Operation PRBB-EMBL-UPF” is financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union under the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020 with a grant of € 687,500.

The aim of the operation PRBB-EMBL-UPF is the incorporation of an EMBL outstation at the PRBB building and the remodelling of new spaces for the research groups in bioengineering at the department CEXS-UPF, in accordance with the “Maria de Maeztu” distinction. The location of the EMBL outstations at PRBB also involves the creation of a joint unit of additional technical services in mesoscopy between EMBL and the CRG. Several visits of EMBL delegates have allowed to define, with satisfaction, the space requirements needed both for the outstation and the joint EMBL-CRG unit joint. The CMRB moving towards a research centre accredited as a Health Research Institute by the ISC III frees spaces that facilitate these changes.


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