Chronogram of actions

January to February 2016

Five days’ workshop on “Record keeping and data management campaign for PRBB scientists” organized by the working group PRBB Good Scientific Practice.

Change of the PRBB WIFI or wireless system (Huawei)

New installation that re-uses waste water of the pure water production system, Millipore.

Improved climate system for the Data Centre


March to April 2016

#EllipseViatgera: Instagram contest (Storify)

FPM relocating to the Campus of the UPF

New distribution of spaces on floor 4 for the PRBB Consortium

Installation of 300 low energy downlights

Implementation of new Government regulations with regard to procedures with animal experimentation

The IRAB moves in on floor -1

Second Edition of BioJúnior with the ceremony of the XI PRBB Prize (News and Flickr)

Granting of ERDF funds (EMBL, UPF)


May to June 2016

10th Anniversary of the PRBB with an institutional event (Iain Mattaj), a concert of the PRBB choir and orchestra and a party for the residents

Event for the PRBB runners: “10 years 10 Km” (Flickr)

New entrance door to the main reception from the inner square

Mock evacuation of the building

First “Family Day” for the employees of the PRBB Consortium and contracted companies (Veolia, Clece, Trablisa)

Biomedical Wikimarathon at the PRBB

Ergonomic study for caregivers and technicians working in an animal facility

Summer concert of the PRBB Choir and Orchestra (Youtube)


July to September 2016

Mobility survey of the PRBB residents (web)

Summer party of the PRBB (Flickr)

Improved communication System of the air conditioning

New protocol for the transport of biological samples within the building

Publication of an article of the animal facility in the journal Veterinary Pathology

Asset inventory of the PRBB

Migration and upgrade of all the web servers

Update of the video surveillance system

Works to improve the electrical connection at the park

Implementation of the new crisis communication plan

PRBB Intervals participates in the “Vitae Conference” in Manchester and presents a poster


October to November 2016

Open day at the PRBB and visit of the Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau (Flickr)

Improvements at the inner square conference rooms (HDMI)

Improvements of the installations of the aquatic animal facility

New contracting of the Cafeteria-Restaurant of the PRBB

Favourable reports of the audits of maintenance and of the Catalan Data Protection Authority

Granting of a SUMA 2 fund from CERCA for the PCB-PRBB Animal Facility Alliance

Contracting the construction works for EMBL-UPF (after a public tender)

Installation of a new lighting at the terrace of the auditorium

Implementation of management software CAE

Article about animal welfare at ALN Magazine (Link)

Participation in the SECAL Conference: scientific session and poster

Design of the “Handbook of Experimentation with frogs”

Approval of the training policy of the PRBB Consortium

December 2016
Christmas concert of the PRBB choir and orchestra (Flickr and Youtube)

Publication of the Demography 2016 of the PRBB (PDF in Catalan)


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